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Hey party people!

This is chinmay, I want to personally welcome you to my lifestyle blog on space organization and home decor productivity tips

YO!!ur Next door space organizer

This is the latest picture of mine and you must be wondering why I’m wearing a jacket at this time. Here its summertime now,

but who gives a second thought when you feel comfortable & happy being in your space.

I started this blog (not my first blog though) because of being in the industry of interior design since half a decade

and finding the joy of knowing so many things which will benefit every single person

out there and uplift their lifestyle.

My day starts with designing projects making selections of interior products, managing the office workflow, educating juniors, collaborating with clients on boards.

every project is a passion project.

Some of the inspirations for starting this blog came from

create and go

Apartment therapy

Bunch of DIY stuff

Sometimes you can be messy

As I look back and reflect on my interiors projects, the inspiration was always there to organizing spaces and add value by staging the home by decor and accessories. 

which is being initiated now to serve many people.

I want to help you de-cluttered your space, bring system and order within you and increase your productivity.

To tell you about my own experience of doing my own home interiors, when your mom is your client it gets quiet necessary to get your to-do list and takes extra effort to organize.

I myself, quiet particular about time management and order of work, selections of home items, that reflect in my practice of preparing checklists, cheat sheets. 

why I do this


In my second year of college, I became obsessed with reading books, magazines, design templates and know the technique of space planning, architecture, and interior design.

As I was bitten by the bug of knowledge, there was too much of information intake and nowhere for output to flow.

Back in college days (2012) as a hobby I started my personal blog based on trial & error basis and learning new things so maybe in future ill help, some students get the knowledge by me putting the content out.

This was my first-hand experience with witting blogs.

I’m no other than the people out there who hates 9-5 jobs, I was one of them,

never hated a job culture, but since the beginning of college years, I was driven towards opening a business and being my own boss.

which I eventually did it, after a 6-month internship and two and half of professional work as a senior architect and project manager. The firm dealt with many luxury & premium interior residences and complexes.

Managing of brick mortar business side of work to making of drawings specification sheets. The fun part was to accompany the client for selections. 

Being the lifestyle industry we come across so many items, material pieces, decor, furniture. 

Other are upholstery, antique furniture, photogenic organizing materials, bath essentials, cutleries.

lesson learned: love what you do, do what you love, work to help others

the real starting point

After working for 3 years as a professional architect, I got the opportunity to work on a friend’s apartment to do interior design.

without any hesitation, I took the job and that’s how my journey of entrepreneurship started. 

a designer guy at sitting at home office with a computer
starting days of entrepreneurship-home office setup

previously work full time got a tremendous amount of experience from administration activities, designing, project management and independently handling the team of contractors and consultants vendors as communication needed.

I took that job as a learning opportunity to be a resource full as much as I can. I treated the office as my own.

Subscribing to magazines buying professional practice books, design planning books, design inspiration books all by my own money. all for such a passion and love towards the profession and giving the best service to customers

As said above my friend approached me for designing their house, As a loyal employee, I forwarded the lead to my boss.

after that, I haven’t heard from my friend for a week, so I called up for a follow up to a realization that he is not comfortable passing on the work to my boss instead he offered me to do his home. 

lesson learned: people want to work with people who know their story, where they come from, what they do regularly. 

Later my friend ends up telling, I have seen your work, its good and how you make it happen for every project you work on.

A Humble surprise

O by the way, I would like to introduce myself, I’m a certified registered architect with a valid license. It’s a little intentional to tell you this way, but it gives me immense pleasure and fun to brings out my squiggles.

As I grew as a person personally and professionally over the years,

there was a little discomfort started happening in terms of potential knowledge to be gained and the time limit of office hours for my personal growth. 

I have always been a side hustler to gain knowledge over different topics, in college i would be asked by teachers to give a presentation for 15 min.

To everyone’s surprise (even I would surprise myself how my lips are moving, it’s just how mind and body works) I would engage them and deliver the interesting things found in the research.

As we all know curiosity is the mother of all inventions. I am not a sit ideal type of person, my curiosity grew to know all the function business. I relieved myself from restricted hours of work and made a promise to myself of being a life long learner.

Now let me walk you out of this and tell you

I have crossed the phase of fear, I started believing in myself and my abilities.

What I have learned from life is that fears are a natural and inevitable part of your life.

kill your self-doubt and get back to work.

This blog is also to jot down the done adventure and make a new bucket list of new adventures.


I am on a mission to DECLUTTER ORGANIZE & DECORATE 100,000 Family homes that live a healthy lifestyle bringing mindfulness through strategies, organizing tips, productivity courses, blogs, video. 🙂

Also, I am a firm believer in living a stress-free and peaceful life because I believe in proactive change, constant learning and improving skills.

THANK YOU for being here. Let’s make space for you. Please leave a comment below if you enjoyed the post or have any questions for me.

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Well, that’s about it folks, feel free to comment below, write suggestions & Tell me what problems I can solve for you.

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